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Archimede is an industrial embedded Linux carrier.
It use in control, automation and professional monitoring systems. Archimede is designed to work at low temperatures (−40 to +85°C).
It has sleep mode functions. The devices can be disabled individually.
Archimede has the lowest consumption in its category.
You can program Archimede in Python, Java,C / C ++.


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Archimede BASE is the main board and is full of peripherals:

1x Lan 10/100Mb

2x USB 2.0

2x i2C bus

2x 1-Wire bus

1x SPI bus

5x Digital Optoisolated I/O 5V

1x Anemometer input

4x Analog IN (V or mA)

1x THP Bosch BME 280 (on board)

***Control all devices supply ON/OFF individually***

***Low power consumption. Various sleep modes***


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Archimede BASE L01 is full of general peripherals and have on board RP-SMA Conncetor and PyCom L01 module for:

Bluetooth Low Energy

WiFi b/g/n/e

LoRa Gateway

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Archimede PROFESSIONALE is an expansion module that is connected to Archiemede BASE and increases the peripherals:

-1x LAN 10/100Mb

-2x USB 2.0

-2x HALF pcie socket  (One with SIM slot)

-2x TIA/EIA (RS232/RS485 Half and Duplex/RS485)

-4x Analog IN (V or mA)

-2x RTD ( PT100/PT1000 – 2/3/4 wire)

***every peripheral supply can be disabled individually***

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Dedicated Enclosure

Designed to be installed inside electrical panels on DIN rails.

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